Rating Feedback for Dr. Simpson (2696095)

The rating:
'I came in for a new patient consultation recently I waited for awhile before being called up to check in, then was given a stack of paperwork to complete. Waited an additional 15 minutes before being called back. The staff was not polite the man that did my weigh in was unprofessional and then I was placed in another room where I continued to sit and wait to be seen. Another man came in and went over more paperwork with me, he didn't make a lot of eye contact with me while he was there. Then when he finished I waited an additional 10/15 minutes to see the Dr. No one told me that it would be such a long appointment. Was not pleased with the experience I had at Dr. Simpsons office.'
I am sorry you had a bad experience at our office. My guess is that you came in during a day when our computer system is down, as new patients are generally sent a link with all the forms to fill out at home - but during this time it was out. Generally the first appointment does take time to get through a lot of the paperwork , and I am sorry our staff did not tell you about that. I will work with my staff to get work with that.