Rating Feedback for Dr. Bal (872133)

The rating:
'Good family Doctor but Cannot get appointments within a reasonable time frame. This is very frustrating, does not make it easy to keep on top of family's health, as now tend to avoid going to the Dr unless sick as a dog. When we do have an appointment with Dr. Bal she is always on time and does not make wait... but it is way too much of a hassle to get an appointment--after hour clinic huge long wait, disappointing. Knows her stuff, smart, no doubt about that. Would prefer Dr Bal be 'hands-on' ie physical examination, actually touching or examining me when necessary. Also I prefer more eye contact and less computer screen use during those limited minutes it interferes with interpersonal communication (mine, anyways). Have had (alternating) very positive experiences with kind receptionist and dreadful experiences with other staff who need be more sensitive to patients' stress or fear, and be more careful not to be overheard while dealing with confidential patient details.'
I will second the comments about Dr. Bal and her lack of eye contact - always looking at her computer. She certainly seems to lack the ability to connect with people as people.

And I will also second the comments about her not being very "hands-on". Her idea of a physical was to send me out the door with a requisition for blood work.