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The rating:
'I too am looking at my legal options against Cosmos Clinic after liquid liposuction left me dimpled, uneven and unnatural. I spoke to the doctor who brushed off my concerns and, unbelievably, offered me vaser as a solution (at extra cost of course). I have since been to a plastic surgeon who told me that nothing, yes NOTHING, can be done to improve the way I now look. I then saw Dr Ajaka speaking on TV about the terrible emotional toll bad surgery can have and that patients need to be careful who they choose to work on them. Can you believe that!! Well, I guess at least he knows about it first-hand. I agree with the comment from one of the other disaffected patients below - slick marketing is one thing this clinic is about.'
Hey, please get into contact with me via this site, I had a similar experience and would really like to hear more.