Rating Feedback for Dr. Scaccia (2701088)

The rating:
'I found this doctor to be very abrasive and pushy on things I didn't come there for. He was not acting professional towards me and seemed short tempered. It was very clear he had favoritism over some patients. If you spoke your mind it irritated him that he could do no wrong and other physicians and patients had no say in matter. I would not refer, but we all will have different experiences.'
Hi. This is Dr Scaccia and I take any criticism very seriously as I want the best treatment for my patients. This comment does not seem indicative of how I treat my patients. Maybe I had an emergency that day and was rushed and came across as abrupt. If so I am sorry. But I can't remember any negative or what is described here as almost hostile interactions with a patient. If you truly had a problem please call the office 7327475300 so I can learn from my mistakes if there was one or maybe I can help you further. But the real problem seems to be with RateMds as since February 2013 many happy patients told me they tried to post their positive experiences here and were told that it was being reviewed and never got posted. It seems RateMds only wants to post the juicy negative posts. Sad if true since patients aren't getting a true reflection of the doctor.