People take heart in what I am about to post and respond

This web site and others are not hindering patients from finding doctors by erasing bad reviews. Bad reviews should not be on here at all period. A lawyer appeared on one of the news channels talking about the beauty pageant contestant that was saying slanderous things on Twitter about the organization that sponsors the pageants and she was sued by the organization for $5 million. The organization won the lawsuit.

The lawyer said during his interview on the news channel that companies, doctors, etc hire lawyers or other individuals to comb the web to see what is being said about them and then lawsuits are put forth unless the individual retracts.

So dont kid yourself, dont rationalize that bad reviews are not hurtful or even dangerous. Also if your boss or a possible future boss sees it you may not be reviewed favorably by them.

I never post the name of the doctor that did me wrong, I just post what happened to me.

Do you think this surgeon's

Do you think this surgeon's patient ratings are warranted?

Do you think the public should be apprised of his practice in Arizona and British Columbia?

Exactly, consumers have every

Exactly, consumers have every right to know these things about their doctors. Lover454 what point is there at all saying what happened to you if you don't disclose who did it? It's pointless. I wish you wld leave the raremds site to patients and post your scare-tactics rubbish elswhere - or better still disclose why you have such an interest in protecting doctors?

For once I find myself in

For once I find myself in agreement with Mic, not just because of what he said but because I have far, far more experience with reviews, lawsuit threats, and (I suspect) bosses than you ever will. I used to work for a website called RateMyProfessors. I was the person who ran the admin program that had over 3,000 volunteer admins who reviewed the ratings for their schools and sometimes for other schools as well. I was also the person who read and responded to the webmaster's email. We were threatened with lawsuits every week. Despite that, the site was never sued, and to my knowledge no student was ever failed because of a review they posted. I know of a couple of students who were threatened with bad grades, but in both cases they went to their deans and the dean ate the professor for lunch. One professor was placed on probation. I know this because she threatened to sue the site if I didn't back her up. I didn't.

Yes, people can be threatened with lawsuits. But a lawsuit threat is not the same thing as an actual lawsuit. Threats are easy to make. Following through with them takes a bit more doing.

I really dont understand the

I really dont understand the people on here who are still trying to justify putting bad reviews on web sites like these. And the person who said saying you will sue is easy but to actually follow thru with the lawsuit is not easy keep telling yourself that, because you are so wrong. I come from a long line of lawyers on my moms side and I asked them about lawsuits and how hard or easy is it to do and my family members said it is very easy for a lawsuit to go thru.

Anyone can sue at any time. Courts are full of lawsuits. And this day and age web sites like these are not going to tolerate bad reviews because they wont risk being sued.

And any one who is posting bad reviews can also be sued. So grow up and realize that lawsuits will happen. Once again once it is in writing for all to see you cannot take it back.

And again if a bad review is on here really dosent make it necessarily true.

lover, keep in mind that you

lover, keep in mind that you can also be sued for NOT posting reviews. All someone has to do is fabricate a little evidence, and boom, you can be sued. You could even be sued for posting good reviews. And you could be sued for posting about your own experiences while not naming the doctor. So, you may want to get off your high horse. You probably need a ladder.


lover454 wrote: And the

lover454 wrote:

And the person who said saying you will sue is easy but to actually follow thru with the lawsuit is not easy keep telling yourself that, because you are so wrong.

I have a name, you know. Please feel free to use it.

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