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'The office was very nice but I felt very uncomfortable around her and staff. She was loud, in a hurry, egotistical, intimidating...when she came into the office to explain my issue she was staring at her iPhone mumbling about a text she got for the first 5 mins. I didn't feel any sincere concern from her about my serious ordeal. I went there bc I was having awful abdominal pain. She couldn't identify what was next to my ovary in the ultrasound but INSISTED we immediately schedule a surgery so she could perform a biopsy on me the same week "JUST TO SEE WHAT'S THERE". (Cash I told her I'd get back to her & went to Dr. Michalewski in Deerfield for another opinion. Like a professional, my uterine fibroid was immediately identified and we scheduled a laparoscopy to remove it like Dr. Solomon should have. Dr. Solomon misdiagnosed me. Had I decided to go follow her decision... several thousands of dollars later, I would have ended up having not 1 but TWO surgeries. Not going back there.'
IT WAS MY 1ST & LAST APPT & IT TURNED INTO THE WORST QUICKLY. UNETHICAL PRACTICES!! So sorry to hear about your experience. I just had a TERRIBLE experience hours ago. STILL going through my anxiety attack from her verbally and emotionally attacking me after knowing I have multiple MENTAL illnesses.