Rating Feedback for Dr. Solomon (2249757)

The rating:
'Absolutely the worst person ever. I can't even put that she's a doctor, she's that bad. She is an evil person that thrives On you doing bad. After I had some bleeding while pregnant, she Told me "don't worry, you probably lost the baby" ! Like it was no big deal. She sent me for X-rays and the technician asked if I was crazy. Solomon actually said the X-rays are safe these days! She put me on an experimental drug for nausea...the list goes on. The day I fired her was the follow up to the bleeding episode. She examined me and told me NOTHING. My husband took her in a room, asked her why after a traumatic experience ( bleeding) she didn't even tell us what happened. She then told him it was a clot. This woman is mentally ill and many other patients we knew told us similar stories. A lot of people I work with had the misfortune of dealing with this animal. Her first name backwards is A RAT. That, by God, is NO ACCIDENT.'
So sorry to hear. I just had a TERRIBLE experience hours ago. STILL going through my anxiety attack from her verbally and emotionally attacking me after knowing I have multiple MENTAL illnesses.