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The rating:
'Worst doctor I ever had, insists on coming in each month to get refills.Had to drive 2 hours from job site and 2 back and told need a appointment on a Saturday. I myself work out of town so hard to make appointment due to fact they are usually 10 days away, very long waiting time and hard to commit to. The doctor was informed that and my prescription was a very simple non narcotic prescription. Trimipramine . Trimipramine is not an abusable substance nor does it cause psychological dependence. Withdrawal symptoms frequently seen when treatment with trimipramine is stopped abruptly (agitation, anxiety, insomnia, sometimes activation of mania or rebound depression) In other words donâ??t cut them off just cause they cant make a visit before the refill time. To some this up changing doctors, went into the walk in click next door part of the same pratice and another doctor gladly filled my prescription for 90 days after I explain what B.S the other doctor was doing. They agreed 100%'
I can agree with this 100% I went in to get a refill and he just milking the system! Now with a real doctor not one trying to milk the system