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'HMMM how interesting that prior to me there were 2 people who rated mostly 2's and 1's for Dr Ajaka, then the others just happen to be all 5's! Looks like Ajaka has a team of people writing fake reviews. What a joke! I highly recommend looking elsewhere for cosmetic surgery. I went to Ajaka to touch up my legs after having liposution 6 years earlier with a plastic surgeon. I only wanted a very small amount of shaping done, but Ajaka went completely overboard removing heaps of fat from areas I specifically and clearly told him not to. He left me with an ugly roll of skin/fat hanging over one knee, and the other knee looked completely different. He cut off the outer curve of my thighs on both sides, even though I have curvy hips and curvy bum, so basically by body just looks completely bizzare, not to mention flabby, uneven and dented in many areas. I have cried non-stop over my body since the surgery, I can't tell you the regret I feel. Don't fall for all the Cosmos Clinic marketing.'
I totally disagree with your posting and feel as though maybe you went to a different clinic than what I did????
Dr Ajaka was by far one of the best doctors I researched and the experience I received from my treatment late last year through to today has been first class. Dr Ajaka consulted with me on exactly what I wanted done....despite me wanting more removed on my butt he advised that this wouldn't give me the result I want as it would look sunken in (thrilled I listened).
I felt instantly at ease with Dr Ajaka, and there is definitely a reason he is invited to be on tv and go overseas.....because he is one of the best. I'm not paid for this review but any means, I'm just annoyed that you've not only questioned the integrity of his team in your post but also his practice.
I'm sorry you've not been happy with your results like I am, but I doubt if you've picked up the phone to chat with Dr Ajaka your wouldn't have had this resolved perhaps.

Wow, the marketing team at

Wow, the marketing team at Cosmos might be working overtime at the moment. This reply smacks of a false posting - talking about travelling overseas etc - either an ego totally out of control or it's been done by Dr Ajaka's mum Smiling The negative review raises some very serious issues, and perhaps Dr Ajaka should have picked up the phone rather than such an expectation being placed on a patient that has major issues with the liposuction Dr Ajaka did on her.

The response above, which was

The response above, which was posted on the 3rd of July 2013, I suspect is the work of Dr Ajaka or at least someone closely associated with him at Cosmos Clinic. I was the one who wrote the original review and find this response extremely insulting - I am absolutely fuming and will be reporting it to ratemds.

Not only does the response aim to deflect and counteract my entire review, but it strategically addresses issues that him and I spoke about in a phone conversation recently, making it evident to me this couldn't be a genuine patient.

Dr Ajaka called me out of the blue on the 26th of June, a few days after my review was published on this site. It had been a whole year since the last time I saw/spoke with him, and he positioned the call as a follow up, as if he were just checking up on me to see how I was going. I mentioned it was quite strange to be receiving a call now after I hadn't heard from anyone from Cosmos in over a year. As the conversation went on he said he had seen a review online, and that he knew it was me because of the issues the review described. So as you can imagine, for me this took the sincerity and integrity out of the phonecall, given he only called after he saw my bad review.

There are 2 things in this response that relate closely with my phone conversation with Ajaka - so close that it's almost too coincidental to believe that a genuine patient, who only has the minimal information provided in my review, would have happened to write about it. These are the bits:

1. "despite me wanting more removed on my butt he advised that this wouldn't give me the result I want as it would look sunken in (thrilled I listened)."
- Ajaka did exactly the opposite with me, and he knows it. In our phone conversation I emphasised to him that he removed way too much fat from my outer buttocks area, leaving the appearance sunken in and saggy. I also reminded him that during the consultation and right before the surgery I clearly told him to not remove too much fat from this area as I wanted to maintain the curve, and that he said "ok" dismissively, but proceeded to go against my wishes. It's extremely 'coincidental' that this exact issue has been addressed in the response above, when it doesn't even come out strongly in my review. It's strange that anyone would make the effort to write this, when it doesn't seem necessary to include this information given the context. It's as if Ajaka is trying to make a point directly to me.
Furthermore, during post-surgery appointments and on the phone, he never acknowledged that too much fat was taken out in my case. He didn't see the issue, despite me pointing it out hysterically in tears. Initially he advised AGAINST filling in the sunken areas (obviously didn't think it was an issue), then he suggested removing more fat from my upper-outer thighs, which is exactly the opposite of what I wanted and would have made my body shape even less curvy. 
It's hard to believe Ajaka would advise to this patient they would look "sunken in" with too much fat removed, given that this doesn't correlate with the way he handled my case, and because of how closely this part relates to my specific situation without it being alluded to in my review. 

2. "I doubt if you've picked up the phone to chat with Dr Ajaka your wouldn't have had this resolved perhaps."
- From reading my review there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that I did not call Dr Ajaka during the process, so no one would make that assumption. If anything, a genuine patient might ask - 'did you call him?' Here it seems like he is just expressing his personal anger towards me that I didn't call him about my issues, which is something he also brought up with me on the phone. Firstly, Dr Ajaka, you are wrong about me not calling. It was ME making the calls to Cosmos to make appointments to see you, even after you and your staff were well aware of all the issues. In every case, it was ME who called. Appalling! I felt like I was chasing up the right to be fixed. The call I received from you the other day was the first after a whole year, and it was only after you came across the review. Interesting that prior to seeing the review, you showed no interest in speaking to me. Secondly, my issues can not be "resolved". There is no way any surgeon, let alone Ajaka, the one who caused the issues in the first place, can fix my body now - it's beyond repair. I came in 3-4 times first to receive correctional fat transfer, which didn't work, and during all those times he offered different and conflicting solutions to the problems. My concerns were made clear during all those consultations, I expressed them on the phone to Cosmos staff, and even wrote an email to a staff member as well. So I DID call, and they were aware of all my issues, but nothing was followed up. Perhaps what Ajaka was really hoping to get was a phonecall to warn him I was going to put up a bad review? So that he knew it was worth paying attention to me?
To assume I didn't bother to contact the clinic when I have been significantly distressed about my appearance and the horrific results is outrageously incorrect and insulting. I had several follow-up appointments, all organised by me. Cosmos never called to check up on me when they knew what I was going through. It felt as if they preferred me to not come back, because I was just a problem to them. It wasn't just the lack of contact, it was the dismissiveness I experienced in my appointments. 

Now in addition to the above, the overarching thing that made me cringe about the response... Why would patient 'KimberlyA' come on Ratemds to specifically reply to MY negative review (just mine - not anyone else's!) with this sickeningly positive salespitch just because she felt "annoyed" that a random patient "questioned the integrity" of Cosmos... It's laughable! She created her Ratemds account the same day she responded to my review. This response is just an attempt to invalidate my honest and open accounts of what I went through. Aside from that, given the other concerning reviews I really don't think my experience was so radically uncommon that it could justify this personal attack. "I totally disagree with your posting and feel as though maybe you went to a different clinic than what I did????" Is it really so hard to imagine Cosmos in a negative light after reading all the other bad reviews? How can you "disagree" with someone's review anyway? A review is intended to recount someone's feelings and experience, you can't 'disagree' in this context. Patients tend to express concern and support for eachother - we don't attack people who have had bad experiences. We know how awful it feels and have empathy for these patients; we would be likely to say 'I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you', not 'Cosmos is FIRST CLASS!'. Please! So I am not convinced the response is genuine. And regardless of who wrote it - I have suffered indescribably since my procedure and to have this directed at me is quite frankly a huge slap in the face, highly offensive and just really, really low. Ajaka said he felt bad about the way I look and apologised on the phone profusely, but that was after he saw the negative review, he did not do enough to support me previously.

If anyone is considering getting Liquid Lipo it is my recommendation that you think again. In my experience and according to many other online reviews, patients are left with saggy skin a couple of months after the surgery when all the scar tissue heals up and the skin softens. Cosmos won't tell you this. I was told it's a fault of my own body. I know for a fact this isn't true because I've had traditional liposuction before and didn't become saggy at all. In my opinion this product needs to be urgently taken off the market.

Please feel free to contact me through this site if you have any questions or want to swap stories with me. Be advised I will continue to report any more suspicious posts leading on from this... Cosmos have their eyes ALL OVER these reviews it seems. Fake reviews and deletion of negative reviews is illegal so I urge anyone who is suspicious to report it. Just so you know the ACCC is also cracking down on this and Fair Trading can request official explanations from suspected businesses. http://www.news.com.au/technology/public-asked-to-help-with-crackdown-on-fake-online-testimonials-and-the-removal-of-negative-reviews/story-e6frfro0-1226625385230

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