Rating Feedback for Dr. KALB (2679770)

The rating:
'Dr. Kalb's surgery skills, and bedside manner are subpar. He didn't give my family any indication whatsoever that he cared for my mother's well-being. He prescribed Nucynta (uncommon pain med choice in orthopedic surgery)causing hallucinations of which he did not immediately change. He tried to force us by "fear" into The Laurels Rehab Center. Prior to surgery his assistant told my family to say our goodbye's because his mother did not wake up after surgery! He placed a "wire cage" in surgery that was later found loose and without purpose. He caused a stress fracture that went undiagnosed for 2 weeks requiring a second surgery which then became infected, yet he didn't diagnose the infection properly (he acted unconcerned). Luckily, my mother was in a rehab center that caught the infection, but not without major repercussions from his total lack of professionalism. This surgeon is a RED FLAG-we found a new surgeon to take the case going forward and ended our relationship with him.'
wish I would have known this when Flower Hospital recommended his office to me at the ER!