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'Every consultation that I had with Dr. Lista before my BA was always reassuring. This was most definitely a huge decision to make but his confidence and knowledge made me confident in my decision to choose Dr. Lista for my surgeon. The surgery went extremely well..the staff was amazing...recovery was fast and easy (God bless that pain pack!). After nursing my twins, I was reluctant to have a lift as well, being nervous about scarring. So I had cohesive gel implants placed over the muscle to help with the lift. Unfortunately I experienced rippling in the cleavage area due to lack of fat tissue to cover the implant. After a year I revisited Dr. Lista for a follow up. Without any hesitation, he immediately offered a remedy. A couple of weeks later I was back in the OR for fat injections without a cost. And IT WORKED! All of the rippling is completely gone. He is a master at his craft but also a very kind and compassionate surgeon. Only a fool would stray from his skilled hands!'
Hi there,

I am having the same procedure done by Dr Lista in a couple of weeks. I am concerned about the possible rippling you experienced as I am thin. I am getting married in a year and I want to ensure that it's all taken care of before then. Was there a reason you had to wait a year before having the fat injections or was that when the rippling happened for you?