Rating Feedback for Dr. Craton (746250)

The rating:
'Dr. Craton is a very smart doctor. He knows his neck/spine injuries extremely well. The problem with his service is (which i read here), is that he has continuing conficts of interest. What i mean is when i went to see him he forgot to mention to me he was on the the board of directors for MPI @ the time. My injury involved a claim with MPI, & he was one of my doctors involving this claim & didn't think it was important enough to mention to me? I read the same thing with WCB? There is no doubt he is a smart man, with an excellent beside manner (he truely i believe)... but these conflicts of interest might be too much to look past. I had big time troubles with my claim, due to this advice. so please if you do see him ask him straight out who he's working for. The thing we can't do is take away from him, how intelligent he is - but bad advice outside a diagnosis? I am still fighting my claim with MPI to this day.'
Have you stopped to think for just one minute? If Dr. Craton was not looking out for you as his patient, he would be in a world of trouble (ie law suits).

It is the MPI adjusters who are the ones to be looking at. I was in a similar situation, and it was the adjuster who was putting her interpretation on the doctor's recommendations. I had to request and have a meeting with everyone to get it straightened out and have the adjuster put in her place.