Find out what your doctor really thinks about you

Thanks for sharing. Can you

Thanks for sharing. Can you please respond to my messages I've sent about reviews missing? Thanks. Amy

The web site you gave us is

The web site you gave us is just an article written on And the article just basically says to look at your medical charts. WHo cares what the doctor writes on the charts. When I see the doctor I care about what he/she tells me to my face. I dont gie a hoot what they write down.

It's extremely important for

It's extremely important for patients to know what is written in charts. I have found dozens (yes dozens) of mistakes by numerous doctors, and these errors could make other doctors make bad decisions. Everyone should ask for copies of all reports.

A few years ago, in BC, there was a story of a woman in BC who didn't ask for her copies, and later found out she was dying from cervical cancer because somehow she had been overlooked when it came to calling patients back for irregular pap tests.

You should read your chart

You should read your chart sometime. I found one line where a test was positive, but the doc notes that he told me the test was negative.

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