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'DR. Doran was my doctor in Squamish BC. He left here about twelve years ago, I have not been comfortabke with my avalable choices since. I found him to be compassionate and interested. He listened,and he awlways presented me with several options before saying " How do you want to proceed?" Also he gave me the best advice ever when it comes to parenting, 'go with your instincts, if you think there's something wrong get it checked out. don't worry about wasting someone's time... we're still getting paid anyway, and its better to feel foolish and be wrong than to ignore something dangerous. But the thing I loved most about Dr.Doran, when he learned I had left my husband due to abuse, he left orders to not accept appointments for my ex. He did that for anyone who had been abused. When I heard he was moving I wanted to move as well. But I"m not hte only one who felt that way...I know many of his former patients who did.'
Wow Do you still live in BC? So nice of you to find this site and recognize Dr. Doran. I met him in November of 2011. I wish I had of met him a lot sooner. None the less, he is a great doctor, they are so hard to come by. I live in Digby NS and we have three family doctors. Two want to retire, and the other is retiring. Nor can you get an appointment with any of them, they are all booked. So when you are fortune enough to find a doctor as nice and knowledgeable as him, you need to respect and be very very thankful. Glad to have met him. Keep up the great work Dr. Doran.