Rating Feedback for Dr. O'Brien (2668005)

The rating:
'There is the same naem Dr that operates out of GreenBay, wi that I was sent to by Workmans Comp. After 3 Dr's said it was 2 tears in my shoulder and was work related I was then sent to this Dr. and he states that it is NOt work related and has nothing to do with work. It's a shame that comp can fork out money to pay these Dr's to find it not related to work instead of putting the money where it really belongs...to the injured person.'
http://premierorthopedics.com/physicians/ There are a few drs with this name. Go to this web site to see if it is in fact the one that you are rating. I called to find out where this Dr that I saw in GreenBay wi is located and no one knows. His WI license is 29739 but when I look it up it comes under someone else name. I read a review about Dr Timothy Sales Obrien which is the one from Colorado, which is the one that was in GreenBay. Check out the Tim S. Obrien and write reviews on that one if it is the same as this one...One in EauClaire and Milw. also, The more research I do the more confusing it becomes...something isn't right. My rating is for the Tim S, Obrien.