Rating Feedback for Dr. McMorran (2694643)

The rating:
'I had been using Doctor John Mcmorran from 1989 until this day, i always felt as if he could not wait to get red of me,he never listened,they lost all my files,The fact that I hardly ever got to see him,Had to mostly see other people who were not even doctors,Never had any consistency. the last time I went there the woman had a hard time understanding my native language English.I mostly had to use sign language. my files were lost and I ask for a forum to be fill out a year ago and still after asking again and again still it was never filled out. My conclusion is this guy does not care about people, he processes people like a fast food, no care,never listens. and look what he leaves his loyal patients who have made him a wealthy doctor,more of the same. Shame on not him,but society for allowing our medical quality slip to the standards it is now.Shame indeed. Thanks Doctor J M for showing me how much you care, i am sure you will pass on a great inheritance to your off spring.'
I don't get it.... Why all the great reviews?
Well if it is only those who have good things to say about any doctor, it that really fair?
~If it really is as good as what these people say.
Then it must be personal.
He must hate me,loath me,cause he avoids even saying hi to me as he quickly walks by.
Asking the interns to see him is always answered by saying;
"he is very busy".
..So maybe he just hates me,
~if so,
goes to show you his standards of honor,
and professionalism.