Rating Feedback for Dr. Chynn (1725858)

The rating:
'Dr. Chynn's medical background is great, but his bedside manner and that of his staff (with Dr. Puri and a couple others being exceptions) is horrendous. In particular, his front office staff is rude, aggressive, and unaccomodating. They will hound you into making your payment in full starting with your very first visit and, after you do, you will get very little cooperation from his staff. So, if you prefer to see a certain Dr. during your post-op visits, or need a copy of your medical records for whatever reason, you will be stonewalled into submission. Moreover, if you are one of the unlucky few who do develop complications from this procedure (e.g. chronic severe dry eye syndrome, excessive halos and starbursts in the dark making driving difficult, infection, etc.), God help you if you received surgery at Chynn's office. The front office will not help you at all and they will certainly not let you see any of the doctors. Moreover, the friend who referred me was never compensated.'
I found the staff at Park Avenue SafeSight very friendly, helpful and accommodating. The Dr's were available to talk over the phone or in person, even on the weekends and evenings. My procedure was easy, successful and had no complications. Don't believe everything you read, call for yourself at 212-741-8628 or visit the website at www.parkavenuesafesight.com. You will find the staff knowledgeable and intelligent. Dr. Chynn is the only doctor in town that performs exclusively the non cutting LASEK procedure, making him an expert in his field. You're in good hands, with a good group of people if you choose Park Avenue SafeSight.