I dont understand everyone involved at Planet Fitness

I dont understand the two women at Planet Fitness as well as the clerk

Last year a woman collapsed and died in the ladies room at Planet Fitness. Another woman walked into the ladies room and saw this woman lying on the floor and instead of the woman who just walked in to the ladies room and saw the woman lying on the ground calling 911 she went to the clerk and told him there is a lady on the ground not moving and he did nothing. He only called 911 five minutes later when a second woman found the woman lying on the floor.

Why couldnt the first woman call 911 instead of running out to the clerk and the clerk is a complete idiot as well.

I think the mother of this woman who died should sue not only Planet Fitness but the two woman and the clerk should be arrested as well and put in jail.

Don't you think they will

Don't you think they will learn from this, and have others learn from this? Puzzled

Wouldn't the death of this woman be punishment enough? Puzzled

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