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'Arrogant, non-compassionate, only wants your money, over medicates and over schedules so he makes more $. Find someone esle.'
I was seeing him for about 4 months and he did the same to me. I had to get two books. they did me no good. And he changed my meds on every visit. He had me come back 2- time a week, and most of it was not to talk. He would get mad at me and say mean things to me. I went there for seizures and left with depression and extreme anxiety. He would not fill out my paper work for STD and have a session at the same time it had to be at two different times. Fired his butt.

I am looking for former

I am looking for former patients of this DR. Some that have been hurt more then helped. And I mean in a drastic way do to the way he does he practice. I was so damaged by the time I fired him it almost cost me everything and I don't mean materialistic. So if this has happened to you please let me know.

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