Rating Feedback for Dr. CAMDEN (2628260)

The rating:
'There are many competent, ethical and helpful family therapists in the Denver metro area. Unfortunately, Marian Camden is not among them. Dr. Camden has one of the highest number of formal complaints lodged against a therapist in the State of Colorado with DORA. Unfortunately, the agency has failed to pull her license. If you are in a custody dispute, and Dr. Camden is selected by the court or an attorney, you should decline. Unfortunately, I did not practice due diligence, and used Dr. Camden as a family therapist. Dr. Camden has caused irreparable harm to my family and children. You should not leave your child alone with Dr. Camden. Recently, in Douglas County, a Judge ordered Dr. Camden to stay away from a child she was 'treating' as a therapist - for fear of harming the child. If you are already using Dr. Camden as a therapist, you might consider recording your sessions as Dr. Camden often misrepresents what is said in session. Stay as far away from Camden as possible.'
Clearly, we're far apart as to how we see the facts. If you are like most of the people I see, you hired me precisely because I do come highly recommended in South Denver as a caring and ethical therapist--something I am both proud and very grateful for, despite occasional disappointments with custody clients. Unfortunately, in a custody case, everybody tends to lose. This is not what I want, but it's the reality of how the justice system works.

I prefer to work with private therapy clients more than court-involved cases, so we can tackle the issues right from the heart, without stepping onto the battlefield of a court room. I wish you the best of luck for the future.