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'Terrible, terrible doctor. I was referred to Dr. Wong after being diagnosed with OCD and bipolar disorder. It took a month before i could schedule an appointment and in that time i fought off a few close calls with suicide. i was so excited to finally talk to someone about what was happening and he destroyed me right away. He called me crazy as well as aggravating me as if he were picking a fight. I mentioned my suicide problems to him and he dismissed them, said they weren't real. Throughout the appointment he never once made eye contact and kept shaking his head as if everything i said were wrong. Towards the end I was severely frustrated and demanded why he wasn't taking some sort of interest in the suicide to which he responded with "well would you like me to call you every night to make sure you don't kill yourself?". i walked out after that. I figure I'm less likely to kill myself as long as I dont have to deal with him ever again.'
I agree with you, I don't know how he got his licence? He was argumentative. My wife sat with me and agreed with me how he was not helpful at all. She said maybe because he is a different nationality he doesn't understand?I suffer from depression and anxiety and was talking about my mistreatment at my work place over the years and cried because it was emotional, and bad memories. The so called doctor couldn't understand why I was crying? He thought I was crying because I'm scared of hard work? People with depression cry often because they are overwhelmed. He slowed down my talking and told me to take my time but when the time was up he couldn't get me out of his office fast enough for his next appointment. He said he wanted to see me a couple more times but nor him or his secretary attempted to book me another appointment. I would have declined anyway because he did not help me at all. I felt worse when I left his office and violated for sharing personal information that he failed to understand or show any feeling. I was crying and he had a sarcastic smile on his face? Horrible experience.

Bad experience, felt worse

Bad experience, felt worse when I left than when I came in.

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