I need medical advice - Do you think the internist (no names) is just covering herself

For the past year I wasnt feeling well. What would happen but not on an ongoing basis but it was happening more and more: I would bend over in certain ways and have pain in my stomach and I couldnt catch my breath. So I went to a clinic near my house because I thought that they would be able to help. They gave me all kinds of steriods thinking it was an allergy. But I kept getting worse. So I found a female internist in my neighborhood that I went to two months ago. She thinks it might be acid reflux so I am taking medication for that. However, two months ago when I saw the internist she wanted me to come back to her office for a songram but not right away. So her secretary scheduled the songram for a month later (not immediately). However, the day (in May) of the songram I realized that my insurance company may not cover the songram so I called my insurance company and they said they do cover songrams. But because I called the insurance company the day of the songram I realzied I had to reschedule the songram. The songram is supposed to be this Saturday - a month after the first songram I was going to have that I had to cancel. When I called the internists office two days ago to find out if I really needed the songram because I am feeling terrific except for a little queasiness the secretary said "The songram is just to be on the safe side, even if the songram doesnt show anything"

So should I still take the songram or is the doctor just trying to cover herself? I feel great.

Hi Lover454, Yes, for sure

Hi Lover454,

Yes, for sure you must take the songram. Better safe than sorry. It is not good to question our Doctors. If they order for tests we as patients should take the test to make it easier for the Doctors to rule the problems we are going through. Good luck and hope your songram results will all be good.

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