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'The nurses at the front desk are useless and full of lies. You would get a good appointment unless youâ??re bleeding out. He diagnosed me with an ulcer by touching my stomach. He gave me a basic round of antibiotics, nowhere near what someone with an ulcer normally takes. Later after getting seriously ill and ending up in the hospital I had the endoscopy I requested. Turns out Iâ??ve never had an ulcer. The staff is by far the worst part of seeing him, even calling them is a headache. When you over 67 PLEASE retire!'
You don't take antibiotics for an ulcer, you poorly educated sycophant! None of your rambling makes sense in the least. You are probably one of those drug addicts that could not bully Dr. Fernandes or his amazing staff into giving you narcotics. I've seen people like you in the office. Dr. Fernandes treats a lot of chronic pain people, and inevitably he gets some crazies like you. Stop posting mean things about good Dr.s.

I totally agree. I just

I totally agree. I just called to ask a simple question about my daugther and was berrated by the receptionist who was an absolute witch to me! Very unproffessional.

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