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The rating:
'Don't his next VICTIM. I believed this man when he told me he was a plastic surgeon and board certified. I trusted this man with my body and my life. I am alive however, my body is deformed and It looks horrible!!! This man is NOT a PLASTIC SURGEON. This man ruined my body, lied about his qualifications and took my money. I paid top dollar because I thought I was getting a board certified plastic surgeon. This man has not been to school for plastic surgery! This man is NOT BOARD CERTIFIED for plastic surgery!!! Please take heed to this warning. Go to a real plastic surgeon, who is board certified and has the proper credentials and qualifications!!!!!! I am distraught, depressed and have to live with this horrible results from this for the rest of my life!!!!'
Thank you for expressing your concerns; unfortunately I can't determine your identity or I would contact you directly to clarify any misguided information. Having said that, I willingly address my credentials, being Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology and having a Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Also, I currently hold privileges at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital and Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital yet choose to operate in my surgical suite for patient's privacy and convenience. I invite you to call my office and discuss any inquiries regarding my background and practice. It is common knowledge that all of this information is public and easily available.