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'I got a thread lift in 2007. I then spent 2 months having them removed from my forehead by Dr Harwood, because I was in agony from the second I woke up. He told me they were all out after 2 months of going in every week for hours with him removing them under local instead of doing it properly in hospital. I told him there was still something in there. He dismissed it and told me it was scar tissue. For 5 years I had constant pain. I've spent $15,000 now and after 5 years of this thread sitting on a nerve, finally another surgeon found the problem. A whole 10cm thread was still in there. So he only removed 5 of 6 originally and told me he'd got all 6, and that it was all in my mind. No compensation was ever offered, nor did he even offer to help with costs. Now I need laser to fix the surgical scars on my face. I would not recommend Harwood to anyone.'
I got breast augmentation and now feel like I have a nurve issue. Dr Harwwod said its from breast feeding which it isnt as I have seen a gp about it what do you recommend i do. Please email me

I would love to no what you have done about it

The story about the thread

The story about the thread lift certainly sounds disappointing but to the person with the nerve damage after Breast Augmentation... I'm sorry but are you kidding me? You should do your research before committing to a procedure like that and if you did so you would understand that a common risk with any surgery (regardless of who your surgeon is) is nerve damage. You can't just blame the surgeon for something like that, he's a surgeon, not a magician. I am having my breast augmentation with Dr Harwood with three days and I'm very confident that he will do an excellent job.

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