Breast reconstruction info, advice, experiences? Please help! Toronto, ON


If there is anyone that has gone thru OHIP covered breast reconstruction (not mastectomy rebuild) would you be willing to talk to me about your experience?
I have a consult apt with Dr Melinda Musgrave (Toronto, ON) in a couple of weeks; and I am crazy nervous- which is weird as i have been waiting for a consult and looking forward to getting this process started.
The main thing that worries me is the lack of knowledge, I have no idea what to expect, what to ask, what to bring...or how to handle/interpret what she tells me...I don't know what happens if she agrees and is willing to do the surgery- re:OHIP coverage...and it seems that no one (not even my family doc that sent the referral) has any idea how this process works, or the usual course of action(s).
I have not had much luck meeting woman that have gone thru similar situations...the possible surgery involves body weight issues; so if this offends you, bothers you, urks you- then please don't respond. I understand that people have struggled through much worse; Im NOT looking for sympathy or to compare myself to other peoples struggles in any way.
But if you are willing to offer any advice/guidance...ect- I would be forever grateful to anything you can share with me...however small, pertinent,ect!

Thank you so much for reading this, and taking the time to share what you can with me!

Might I suggest calling Dr

Might I suggest calling Dr Sandra Voice at 416 289 7300
She is a cosmedic sergeon at Scarborough General Hospital
She did my breast reduction and I find her to be a great dr.
She also does breast reconstruction.

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