Rating Feedback for Dr. Delvecchio (2571296)

The rating:
'My experiences with Doctor Daniel Delvecchio did not even get to the stage of even having surgery and I am grateful that it did not get their. It all starter with my first visit to the office when he walk in the door he entered the examination room and showed no type of manners. When I reach out my hands to greet him he walk passed me and just took my field case, I felt like such a subject not a patient. A good doctor takes time to listen to what their client has for goals and expectation. Any time I would express myself on what I wanted and expected he would dismissed my opinion, almost talking down to me instead of consulting on what was possible. He started talking to me like a child, in the process saying that he was going to give up my operation day to someone elseâ??s as punishment for not using the machine. "As punishment" can you believe that?, how unprofessional, how rude, how disrespected I felt.'
I am so surprised to hear how unprofessional your experience with this doctor was. I had to wait a very long time for my appointment with this Doctor, but when I finally was seen I had a completely different experience.
He asked me what my goals were and looked at what I was working with and then gave me a few different options because I wasn't sure what I wanted. I chose fat grafting and had to use the Bravo? system and he also asked me if I was using it as directed- my surgery also had to moved back but only because it couldn't be done until I had been expanded enough. My results were well worth the hassle of using that machine, and I am glad that Dr. DelVecchio was there for me. Good Luck hon!