Rating Feedback for Dr. Anderson (2351669)

The rating:
'Extremely rude, my appointment lasted about 4 minutes. I attempted to ask a question and got told"I'll get to that" which he never did. I made another appointment with a different clinic. Hopefully, I'll be able to talk and find out more about my problem. I would highly suggest to visit another dermatologist, one who has time for his patients!'
Rudeness is not tolerated in our clinic and if that was the impression you got, it was not intentional and I offer you my apology. We try to communicate with our patients to ensure they understand what course of action we are prescribing, why we are prescribing it, and what to expect. Out of respect for our patient's busy schedules, we strive to be efficient in our diagnosis and development of a treatment plan. But, in the final analysis, we depend on our patients to also communicate with us so that we can be sure we have been clear and that we have answered their questions before they leave the clinic - no matter how much time that takes.