Rating Feedback for Dr. Denenberg (2581557)

The rating:
'Dr Denenberg performed a rhinoplasty on me in 2012. It was a revision rhinoplasty. I had a previous one done by another surgeon 10 years prior andI decided to have Dr Denenberg fix my previous rhinoplasty. Surgery went very well and I lOVED my new nose in the beginning. After about 5 months my nose started changing for the worst. The tip was HUGE and uneven and I had funny cartlidge growing. I went back to him and he was very honest that it shouldn't be looking like that and offered to do ANOTHER revision. He was very caring and always responded to my calls and emails. I went ahead and did another revision with him and I hope to never have to have my nose worked on again. Time will tell what this correction surgery will do for me. His staff is wonderful and he always made me feel comfortable. I say make an appt with him and judge for yourself what you think. Every surgeon has their plus and minuses and not every surgeon is a perfectionist and in this profession.'
Hi, I'm a patient of Denenberg too. Did you have to pay for that revision? If so, how much was it? Good luck with the outcome!