Rating Feedback for Dr. KLEMONS (2630655)

The rating:
'On my first appt I was encouraged to read binders of testimonials--letters from "happy patients" who swore Dr. Klemens changed their lives. Then he insisted he wouldn't take on a patient he feels he can't help, perhaps to instill confidence that he wasn't just after the big bucks.Of course, he felt he could help, though my migraines originate behind my head, not face or jaw. Not getting better, he added expensive injections to which he claimed "90% success." I did not. Months later he discharged me, acknowledging the treatment wasn't working. Naturally, I was not asked to add to the volumes of testimonials. I eventually recouped some of the cost back through my insurance company, but only after denials & lengthy appeals process with endless paperwork. Note:Use of HEATING PAD alone during nerve stimulation=$35, & when I balked at paying for written instructions (SERIOUSLY?), they waived that fee. (I do commend the staff who helped with insurance paperwork).'
Patients come to Dr. Klemons to get better. Many patients who come to our practice have already seen numerous other doctors. And they come to our practice because they are difficult cases where they have already seen other practitioners and are still struggling. These patients are seeking expert evaluation and high level of treatment, if needed. Dr. Klemons' 40+ years of experience attest to this.

The vast majority of our patients report that their pain and other symptoms are gone when they complete treatment - but each patient is different. Although Dr. Klemons' goal is a 100% success rate for all of his patients, he acknowledges the fact, inevitably there will be the chance treatment won't resolve every problem. That is the nature of medicine and that's why he does not claim more than a 90% success rate. We understand your frustration regarding insurance and billing and appreciate your kind words about the staff who helped with this. Insurance billing is a challenging process for everyone involved - and we also wish it were easier. He joins the rest of us in hoping that you find the answer to eliminate your painful problem as soon as possible.