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The rating:
'Dr. Woliner is losing patients right & left. I have what's considered a 'rare' thyroid disorder, although in the thyroid world, it's not so rare, and my situation was treated by Dr. Woliner for many years. Suddenly, last week, his wife Gina (Dr. Woliner's office manager) called my pharmacy & stopped my prescription with no warning or reason. You can't just stop taking thyroid medication. I had seen Dr. Woliner 4 1/2 months ago and paid the twice yearly $500.00 for the visit (prescription of 6 refills on my same script of several years, which I had 5 refills on as of 3 weeks ago.) When CVS told me that my Dr.'s office had put a stop to my having access to the medication, I was absolutely shocked. Still am, as I wasn't due to see the Dr. for 2 months. His 'office mgr' could've called me in advance of cutting off my daily thyroid meds. When confronted, she turned it around on me, as if it were my fault for needing the medication that her husband had prescribed for years. Unethical!'
what happened about your medication? Why were you cut off? I don't understand.