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'Ranae Witt is rude, incompetent, and egotistical. She failed to send a sample of a laceration I had on my foot to Pathology -- after telling me she suspected it was a melanoma (she was wrong on her diagnosis). She was also over 45 minutes late for our scheduled appointment, and never bothered to apologize. Instead, she kept telling me that insurance companies did not monetarily compensate her enough for her to pay for her $500,000 education from the Univ. of San Francisco. Don't waste your time on this egotistical, shady, extremely vain individual who as a podiatrist is mediocre, at best. Instead seek help from one of the numerous doctors out there who treat their patients with respect, dignity, and as equals.'
First, your spelling is incorrect~ it's Dr.Renae Witt. Second, if your going to publicly slander & falsely accuse a licensed doctor of "misdiagnosing", be prepared for potential lawsuits. I clearly remember you refusing a biopsy & any good doctor will include a non-healing wound with differential diagnosis of possible melanoma (based on clinical appearance). Lastly~ the office made multiple attempts to inform you Dr.Witt was delayed in surgery & tried to re-schedule. It should be noted that if you were so dissatisfied & angry, why wouldn't you discuss with doctor? ~I refute any of the false claims and accusations made in your comments. Wishing you the best of care in your recovery.

Your comment sounds extremely

Your comment sounds extremely raw & bitter. It discredits your "actual experience" when so much anger is projected in such a short review. My spouse is an MD & although she isn't a surgeon, Iv'e watched physician reimbursement rates decline drastically over the past 5-10 years... A SAD fact when one considers the amount of time they dedicate to 14 years of eduction, no income, & countless hours of free community service & homeless clinic volunteering. What's even more disheartening is Dr.Witt volunteers at our free women's & children's homeless and battered shelter in Santa Ana called The Josiah House. She has been a beautiful demonstration of love & medical care (COMPASSION) for over 5 years. In a world where good doctors are becoming harder & harder to find, one can point to DrWitt as an example of true service to humanity. My feeling is that you may need to address your own angry, bitter emotions, consider you may be contributing to why doctor's currently are becoming complacent & non-compassionate. In the years I've spent with her, I've seen her diagnose & treat many conditions that baffled other doctors. Nothing you've rambled about rings true. Shame on you.

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