Rating Feedback for Dr. Rhydderch (2654408)

The rating:
'I was devistated to hear that Dr. Rhydderch has now retired. I've been a patient of his for many, many years and he has been a great help to me. I will miss him dearly but we all know he's worked very hard and deserves to enjoy his retirement. I only hope that the doctor that I am matched up with will be as helpful and caring as he was. Thanks so much for your many years of treatment Dr. Rhydderch.'
Please people lets support this GREAT DOCTOR if he needs our help in the future. There are not many doctors like him. And please people don't sell your extra medication because it will ruin your community , bring crime in , and ruin peoples lives. Please , please  think twice before you sell your meds. You will not be safe in your home in the future. The money you're getting now for the pills is not worth it in the future. There will be less and less GREAT DOCTORS because they will be afraid to prescribe narcotic medication.  Use your brains