Rating Feedback for Dr. ESKRA (2046282)

The rating:
'I received a breast reduction and I am unhappy with results. He could not tell me what size he would be able to reduce me to but said it would fit my body. Even after the surgery he could not tell me what size he reduced me to. The first time he was unable to tell me should of been my red flag. However I went on with it anyway. To make a long story short I am WAAY too small maybe an A/B from a DDD. He kept on saying they would fill in/shape as months went on, they did not. Although my back feels better I am not happy with my size as it does not go with my body. I'm considering getting an implants for 1 size bigger. It's a shame I'm paying for more breast when I already had breast. of state. I investigated but apparetntly not enough. Also giving him the benefit of the doubt I had another procedure done which was my last (with him). Again the results is not what I expected and suffered another issue on top of it due to what I think was lack of experience and knowledge.'
I had breast reduction well from the same Doctor. Did you have an issue with the incision opening up? My right breast as split open completely and is continuing to split and all I've been given was some topical cream. It is so bad that I can literally put my entire fist all the into the wound. I was never given any information on anything REMOTELY close to this being a possibility. All I was told before the surgery is that it would take 6 weeks to fully recover with the first 2 weeks being the worst. The incision began splitting on the 3rd day after surgery and has steadily gotten worse and continuing to open. I have been in and out of their office. I have been to the ER at Wayne Memorial and after 5 1/2 hours of waiting they only gave me antibiotics through an IV and then told me they didn't do stitching there. Even though I had asked them to do that when I got there. I have been in Goldsboro for over 10 years now and it seems that the entire medical community is full of nothing more than complete incompetence. I've had more trouble from more doctors here then I have had anywhere else up and down the east coast.