Rating Feedback for Dr. Hosny (1550157)

The rating:
'Dr. Hosny is one of the most caring physicians I've known. He and his staff are professional and do everything possible to create as comfortable an experience as possible taking into consideration your level of pain and needs. After being treated by other pain management specialists, Dr. Hosny is the only doctor who accurately diagnosed and found ways to treat my pain successfully. Anyone who has suffered cervical or spinal pain is aware of the affect this has on your life. Dr. Hosny has literally given me back my life. Although you may need to wait past the expected appointment time, Dr. Hosny is well worth the wait. I had literally lost hope of being in control of my pain. He has found ways to help me manage it and for this I am extremely grateful. I would recommend him to anyone who suffers from chronic pain of any type.'
This guy is an arrogant bastard. Who are you his wife? Stop self posting because the only positive ratings on here are from his staff