Rating Feedback for Dr. Hosny (1562030)

The rating:
'you people who complained about this doctor are RETARDS..most pain management drs aren't known for their "bedside manner" or compassion they are basically just there to prescribe meds and do procedures THATS IT. if you run out of your meds there's basically no chance ANY pain management dr will give you another script. and most pain management drs offices have the worst staffs and make you wait awhile til you actually get in the room and see the dr. if you can't take that then God help u finding a dr that doesn't do any of those things and they usually NEVER really listen to what you have to say cause they all got that "God complex" thing going, its just a fact of life. i was in a BAD car accident in '05 and have been going to pain management physicians ever since and like i said above basically ALL of them are the same. now i just hope they give me the painkillers i need and don't make me wait too long to get in the exam room and see them. if they can do that then im fine!!'
What kind of troll are you? Patients are customers and in this new world of healthcare, you are a choice, not a requirement. You will starve in this new business model we call healthcare. You keep thinking in your draconian way and you will starve ... And we will laugh. Karma is a bitch!