Rating Feedback for Dr. Nelson (1448690)

The rating:
'Having several root canals pales in comparison when dealing with the office manager/billing dept. of Dr. Nelsons. She was without doubt the rudest, most self-righteous person I have ever dealt with. With several discrepanies over the past year, this past mistake was them, not processing or overlooking an insurance check. When this was brought to her attention she assured me they never make mistakes and it was the insurance companies fault. After finding the check and accusing me of being upset, (ummm, of course), she stated that I was very rude instead of telling her thank you for the hours she spent on our account. She then stated they never make mistakes everything was our mistakes. They bill us... we don't bill them. I deeply regret ever going to this dentist. I feel sorry for Dr. Nelson that he could have a better business if not for his proud, rude self-righteous office manager.'
They are being sued. Want it?