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'Dr. Hurwitz completed breast augmentation and lift. The end result was large sagging breasts. I had enormous painful scars on my breast that I am now being treated by another doctor for. Dr. Hurwitz did not attempt to resolve the issue. Told me that the results are due to what he had to work with. It should be noted I am a healthy slim fit female with no health problems. My current dr couldn't understand why my breasts were so very low and the scars. As of now with the help of current dr I have properly positioned breasts with no scarring. Was a very negative experience with dr hurwitz other than the kind office staff.'
We welcome all feedback - whether it is good, bad or neutral and take it very seriously. Unfortunately, we are unable to identify you from your comment. My staff and I go to great lengths to set the stage for a high quality cosmetic result and an overall positive experience. That being said, we're very concerned about your description of this procedure, your experience with Dr. Hurwitz and also your described end result.

Here's why.. most plastic surgeons would agree that when breast augmentation with a mastopexy (i.e.- lift) is followed by delayed recurrent sagging of the breast, this is due to deficient elasticity of the breast tissue. Tissue elasticity cannot be fully predicted preoperatively. When this occurs, an additional operation may be needed to selectively tighten and relax the breasts. It's equally difficult to predict how each patient's body will respond post-surgery in terms of scarring and tissue suspension. This in mind, Dr. Hurwitz uses the highest quality and latest technology, such as the barb sutures, for optimal post-op results. But, not every patient reacts the same to barb sutures.

If Dr. Hurwitz came across as insensitive it was the furthest from his intent and he sincerely apologizes. He cares deeply for each of his patients and shares the same desired end result. In your case, Dr. Hurwitz would have suggested the second procedure - where he typically waives his professional fee. In any event, he is glad to hear your follow-up surgery not only improved the shape but also the scar problem you mentioned in your review. Dr. Hurwitz is available if you'd like to discuss any of this in further detail. Please feel free to contact him directly at his office.