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'I was 6weeks pregnant went to ER for cramping, was told by Barmeyer it was Ectopic & told me methotrexate was the best way to go & it would work in 3days, a week later went to check my HCG levels & they doubled, he told me it was normal, I told him I've been cramping & have not yet bleed, after going on about how I felt something was wrong he told me to go in for an Ultrasound, I went in he told me he didn't see anything anymore & my body "absorbed" the baby, he assured me & promised my tube would "NOT" rupture, after being in pain 4days later I felt faint & began vomiting, white like a ghost with the worst pain I've ever felt, Rushed to the ER & they told me My left tube ruptured & I needed emergency surgery, they had to remove my left tube & it scarred my right tube since it ruptured. The Dr who did surgery on me said it was the size of a sausage & doesn't know how Barmeyer didn't see it. I am devastated, this could have all been prevented if he would of known what he was doing.'
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