Rating Feedback for Dr. Khrom (758138)

The rating:
'On the day of the apointment a lady came in saying that Dr. Khrom is sick & can't see me. I said that I would like to reschedule. When the lady realized that I was a self pay patient, she said that Dr. Khrom will see me now. Dr. Khrom came in to the room, looking very mad barely looking at me, crossed her arms & said "what's the problem?" She looked more like a bully. She did not bother apologizing about anything. I said, I thought this was a professional facility, but I guess I was wrong. She said "this is a professional facility if you don't like it leave," she slammed the door really loud & left. The slamming of the door reminded me of a 12 year old child who has been punished by parents, and not a way a physician should be behaving. I left with the impression that Dr.Khrom is a true business woman & nothing more. The minute she found out that I was a self pay patient, and she would have to pay me my money back if she didnâ??t see me, she miraculously felt better to come & see me.'
It is true that at the day of your appointment Dr. Khrom was sick, but was sitting at the office after receiving IV fluids to provide supervision for her physician assistant. After learning that you travelled far to see her, Dr. Khrom made an effort to see you and her arms were crossed to conceal a helplock IV in her forearm. After you verbally attacked her as soon as she walked in and called her office unprofessional, she politely asked you to leave and refunded the $150.00 fee you paid to see her.