Rating Feedback for Dr. Zide (2649436)

The rating:
'Dr. Zide changed my life by changing my daughter's life. Not only did he improve her chances for happiness and success by removing the hemangioma that made it hard for anyone, especially herself to see what a beautiful and smart girl she was, but Dr. Zide held our hands every step of the way. It is uncommon to find this kind of tenderness alongside such skill. We will forever be thankful.'
The math required to arrive at the truth about Dr. Barry M. Zide is basic: algebra. Use a known to solve an unknown. Begin with the known: Dr. Zide's shocking, cynical, deceitful editorials, in which he says things that he would say only to his "buddies," things that he would never say to patients, things that show us the ugly man behind the friendly mask. There are eight in particular, spanning 14 years, from 1998 to 2012. You can find some of these online. For the rest you will have to pay a visit to your nearest medical school library--if they will let you in. Now, visit each of the doctor rating websites and read all of the reviews, comments, and blogs, favorable and unfavorable. Here's the fun part. Make believe you're an FBI criminal profiler. Set yourself the task of deciding which reviews would most likely follow from the actions of a mind capable of writing those editorials, a doctor beset by all the problems described in those editorials. The positive reviews only? The negative only? Both positive and negative? How? How do the pieces of the puzzle fit? How does it all make sense? Julie, the eight-year-old daughter of an Iowa corn farmer didn't need to study Occam's razor to arrive at the answer. It took her 30 seconds. We expect people with college degrees to take much longer.