Rating Feedback for Dr. Acre (2628277)

The rating:
'I have had this problem for the past three weeks. Their office does not pick up the phone nor is it possible to leave them a voicemail message. I was only able to reach them because I called their neighboring office and kindly had the administrative assitant go over with my call back number. I was told that they had phone issues lately. My objective here is to have someone from their office read this and resolve the issue once and for all. I am more than sure that many patients trying to call in are annoyed and frustrated.'
I'm sorry to hear that. I tested it myself. when it says press 0 to reach reception, I did. There is a beep, you leave a message and the secretary receives the message.
We have 12 lines which are constantly full. The secretaries are doing their best but they are handling the desk and are on the phone with 1 call while 11 other calls come in. They are returning each and every call.
As a suggestion, if this really frustrated you for three weeks, why didn't you after 1 unfruitful attempt, drop a note in the mail to say you wanted us to call you for something? Any letter posted within Montreal we get within 2-3 working days. Our fax machine was working, you could have also faxed a note to ask us to call you.