Rating Feedback for Dr. Beals (2483801)

The rating:
'I will never go back to Beals nor anyother DO. Beals isn't an MD, btw. He couldn't get into a real med school, apparently. I waited over an hour & then had to talk to his assistant as a stall tactic while he was in surgery. I actually was perspiring it was so hot in that room & I was there from 1-4PM. He was a terrible listener & didn't seem to believe & was uninterested in what I told him about my experience...he was imperiously alouf. Very frustrating 4 me. He barely looked @ me & used no light or magnification to get a better look @ my problem b/c he didn't care, apparently. He couldn't ID my problem so he called it something it clearly is not as to save face w the staff that was standing around evesdropping, making me uncomfortable. He told me to come back in 2 wks. No way I'm going back to that pompus, incompetent, uncaring quack! No, I don't recommend him.'

Hope you are doing well. I can assure you that I treat all of my patients with the highest level of respect and attention. Iâ??m sorry that you feel this wasnâ??t the case with our experience. Patient satisfaction is the most important thing to me so I would really love for the chance to change your mind on this and make things right. Please feel free to contact my office at (850) 897-7546 and I will be sure to take great care of you like I do all my patients.

Dr. Beals