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The rating:
'Not impressed at all. The front desk staff was rude and clueless. The girl who led me to Dr. Urman's exam room actually laughed after she asked what I was there for, and I repled "acne". The doctor diagnosed me as having "hormonal acne". Nice. I know that already, so help me get rid of it. Oh, and the office charges a fee if you use a credit/debit card! Seriously? Is this a doctor's office or a bodega? Go elsewhere for your skincare needs.'
Thank you for voicing your concern, I wish you had done it at the visit. I will address the issues you raised with the staff. As, for getting rid of your acne, that is precisely the plan of the treatment. Effective treatment takes a minimum of one month to work, and if you adhere to the course prescribed and any adjustments required, your acne will improve.