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The rating:
'After spending $650 out of pocket to see Dr. Gaito twice, she would not even return one phone call. I was told that if I have another question I need to pay another $200 for yet another appointment. I still have symptoms and have $650 less to show for it. I feel very disappointed and duped.'
I experienced a very very similar thing. One difference, her secretary provided advice that she said came from the doctor but was almost certainty a mixup with another patient (it was to wait and see how the antiobiotics treatment worked, when the Dr. knew quite well I hadn't had antiobiotics treatment in a year!). When I said, "that makes no sense; I need to talk to the doctor" it took weeks for the dr to finally get back to me and admit that this advice was errant. She still, though, had nothing productive to offer. Incredibly frustrating. I felt similarly duped. So expensive, too..