Rating Feedback for Dr. Adeyemi (2646994)

The rating:
'The single worst experience of my life. I had a complicated too issue that should have been referred to a specialist. Her work resulted in 9 seperate visits in 3 weeks with her, other dentist, specialist, hospital, walk in for infection and pain. She also have me a filling that chipped in weeks and needed repair by a more gentle dentist. Told me I needed a $12,000 dollar procedure. Lol maybe if she does it it needs redoing? Not sure but no other dentist mentioned I needed surgery? Also talked about a staff that was fired to another staff. Very unprofessional and sloppy. Only reason I saw her as there was a schedule mistake. Never again will I let her near my mouth.'
It is unfortunate that you choose to write falsehoods like this because the dentist refused to prescribe more oxicodone to you. When you ask how much it would cost to replace several of your missing teeth with implants and place crowns and veneers on your multiple decayed teeth(commonly known as Meth-mouth) and you are given a rough estimate, which you are then angry about because it is not covered by Ministry, the dentist is only answering questions that you asked. Hope you get the help you need.