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'Got an excellent reference for Dr. Broom from another highly regarded Ortho surgeon. I chose Dr. Broom from 4 other surgeons after my initial consultation. The examination was punctual and complete. Dr. Broom explained my condition and outlined the surgery he recommended be done, providing all the details on success rates and likelihood for recovery. The PA (Rob) went out of his way to spend extra time with me to take me through the surgery step by step, answering every question I had in detail. Couldn't have been more informative. The day of surgery, I could barely walk and was in great pain. The PA put me at ease, joking to relieve anxiety. An hour later I woke from the discectomy surgery, was sitting up and all of my pain was gone. Could have walked out of surgery center but they won't let you. 4 weeks later I am back doing light exercise, seeing improvements every day, and have my life back. I expect to be back at tennis and golf in a couple of months. Thank you Dr. Broom.'
I agree, Really nice office and people working there. I hope I don't need surgery but if I do, it is nice to hear of someone doing so well. I hope the shot that is working for now stays working. I am a big chicken.