Rating Feedback for Dr. ROBBINS (2622021)

The rating:
'Dr Robbins is ALWAYS late and that's because he talks too much.. typically about himself. He also so self absorbed that he didn't realize that I was doing the prescribing which lead me to my addiction. Even after being made aware of my addiction and going through a half-assed counseling, he still was prescribing me pain meds that led me further down my road to addiction. I just got out of rehab and do not plan on seeing him and do NOT recommend him to anyone.'
That is untrue. I find that he is only late because of talkative patients who consume his time. He runs behind because he spends time with patients and answers all their questions. When I have something complicated, he tries his best to help me. He sent me to a great surgeon. I had a fusion and can now ride once again. You must have issues that nobody can fix.