Rating Feedback for Dr. Ramji (483555)

The rating:
'The LACK of professionalism used by the receptionist in this doctor's office is absolutely astounding. I cannot believe that Dr. Ramji has ANY patients left at all. I brought our newborn daughter to this office for the first 5 mths of her life (6 appts). A couple of hrs before EVERY SINGLE appt, the receptionist would call me to try to reschedule for another day, saying things like, "The doctor has a funeral, is running behind, is still not back from her holidays"!? She also booked all appts with a daytimer instead of a computer! (That may have been part of her problem.... I think she was overbooking all the time.) She lost test results sent to her by a cardiologist we were referred to, and it took 4 phonecalls to have her send my daughter's file over to another doctor! The doctor herself wasn't THAT bad, but she never remembered what she has said or done with my daughter at previous appts, and her availability was awful. So glad we found a new office/doctor w/ some professionalism!'
I couldn't agree more!