Rating Feedback for Dr. Cohen (2642225)

The rating:
'Dr. Cohen is kind and caring, although i wish there wasnt so much emphasis on thinking. i felt a bit analyzed with her as if i was being judged. I do think she was smart but she didnt seem able to make adjustments when i needed something different, like she was the expert and i was just an unknowledgable patient.'
It is never my intention for a patient to feel judged, and I am sorry this was your experience in my office. Therapeutic relationships are tricky; in one sense, each individual is always the best expert when it comes to him or herself. In another way, the psychologist is better able to see where a patient may be getting stuck in his or her own dysfunctional patterns and typical behaviors. I am not a passive observer in therapy. I feel that it is my job and responsibility to gently challenge resistances and point out the ways in which those I work with may be preventing themselves from growing and healing (we ALL manage to get in our own way sometimes, myself included!) These points in therapy can be emotionally challenging, and very uncomfortable, and people sometimes decide to quit treatment when conflict arises. The best therapy, however, occurs when patients stick with treatment, and work through their feelings, even when they feel angry or disappointed with me. Please know that I am always available to talk about your experience in treatment, and will be here if should you ever decide to return.